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Inspired by Nature - Custom Art High Up in the Woods

Inspired by Nature - Custom Art High Up in the Woods

Cincinnati, OH

How beautiful is this space!? We were so excited to design and create this custom work of art. This beautiful home is nestled in the woods. The client was looking for a work of art to fill an empty wall that stands in the center of their main living space. The incredible design of this home makes you feel like you are in the trees! A perfect inspiration for our piece. 

We knew we wanted to create something that would compliment their space, not take away from it. Something that might looked pulled out of the sky or trees. 

After sketching, creating samples, and meeting with the client to get it just right - we created this sculptural wall piece! A delicate collection of abstracted leaf-forms, with texture and pattern that changes in color throughout the day. 

We utilized Bullseye Glass "shift" tint sheet glass and glass powder to get the effect just right. 

Thank you to this amazing client for trusting us with their home! Thank you to Wellage & Schaff Framing for the help with installation. 

Imagine sipping coffee at sunrise next to this piece! 

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